Contact Lists
There are two lists below.
List 1: We Know Where You Live
List 2: Where Are You?
Leslie Comaroff
Daniel & Jenny Dubowitz
David Dubowitz
Gerald Dubowitz
Leslie Dubowitz
Michael Dubowitz
Victor Dubowitz
Natalie Gaffen
Peter and Shelagh Gastrow
Donna & Gregg Hickman
Lynette & David Hirschowitz
Valerie & Peter Koff
Ted & Shirley Margulis
Gillian & Clive Midgen
Cecil Miller
Philippa Newfield
Lorraine Poewe
Norman & Nancy Price
Alexander Schattil
Bernice & Harold Schwartz
Clive Schwartz
Gary Schwartz
Jogail Schwartz
Alexander Shatil (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Carole Shattil
Dan and Emily Shattil
Helen Shattil
Jason Shattil
Patrice Shattil
Richard Shattil
Ron and Deb Shattil
Sanford & Gloria Shattil
Siegfried and Arlene Shattil
Steven Shattil
Wendy Shattil
Monique Stern
Tony and Judith Stern
Elliot Stewart
Sherry & Ronald Stewart
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