The descendants of Mordecai and Miriam Shattil have established a strong presence on the web. Their web sites are listed below.
Other, interesting sites are also shown
Carole Shattil

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Wendy Shattil/Bob Rozinski
Wildlife Photographers with international awards, publications, and inclusion in a wide variety of journals to their credit
Shattil Descendents holding U.S. Patents
Sanford Shattil
US Patent 5661005

US Patent 5585463

US Patent 5561047

US Patent 5169836


Victor Dubowitz

US Patent 5181520

  Steve Shattil
US Patent 6686879
US Patent: 6008760

US Patent 6211671

US Patent 6331837

US Patent 6348791

US Patent 6208135

US Patent 5955992

US Patent 5523526

Norman Price
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Ted Margulis
"... a long time, obsessed, Jewish genealogist-hobbyist (twenty one years ... and still searching).
It just seems like yesterday that I started on my own family tree after attending a "first ever" family reunion in 1962. Today, I am relentlessly researching the past of over 1500 family ancestors I have discovered."
Ted is a descendant of Miriam (Cohen) Shattil's sister. 
Visit his web site to find the most extensive and current links to genealogical sites around the world.
Judith Stern  

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Shalteal Family Web Page
This large and widely dispersed family claims to trace their roots to an individual who lived in 600 B.C. Although their family name is similar to ours, so far we haven't found any definitive links to them. Too bad, because they seem to throw some wild family reunions.
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